Parent Faculty Organization

The OWTS Booster Club/PFO is an organization built on the dedication of 
parents and faculty. We support the educational and extracurricular 
activities of the school as well as promote community spirit, 
communication, and support among parents and faculty. The proceeds of 
the fund raising efforts that we support are funneled back to students 
for awards and scholarships, activities and materials. 

We invite all parents and guardians to explore the wide range of 
opportunities available that benefit our OWTS community. We meet on the 
second Wednesday of several months in the school library at 6:30pm. 
Guest speakers are invited throughout the year to present information to 
parents regarding local community activities as well as critical 
information regarding student safety issues. Please check with the web 
site regarding meeting times and guest speaker presentations. Please do 
not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or suggestions. We 
look forward to meeting and working with you!


Doar Carr

Vice President

Lisa Stockno

Darlene Oakes


Lisa Galinski

Parent/Teacher Liaison

Ray Tanguay

We can be reached at for any questions or suggestions.

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