Attendance calls goes out daily at 10:30am. You will receive an automated message if your student is marked absent or tardy for homeroom attendance. These calls will still go out if it is an excused absence or tardy. Remember, homeroom begins at 7:19am.

Less than 9 days

If your child has been absent for less than 9 days in a given school year, well done! This is proof of Good Attendance!

10-17 days

If your child has been absent 10 to 17 days in a school year, this is a warning sign of chronic absenteeism.

18+ days

18 or more missed days of school results in your child being chronically absent.

  • Call 860-496-5300 X4447 and leave a message stating your child’s name, grade, date, and reason for the absence. It is also helpful to leave your name, phone number, and relationship to the student. **Please do not call the office or guidance to report an absence*

  • Email/Parent Square written documentation of the absence upon your child’s return to school to

  • A student must bring a note to the attendance office OR a parent/guardian must email a note to the Dean of Students to excuse the first nine absences.

  • Absentee/tardy notes must contain the following to be deemed excused. :

    1. The student’s full, printed name

    2. The student’s grade, and shop

    3. The date(s) absent or tardy

    4. The reasons for tardiness or absence

    5. The signature of the parent or guardian and a phone number where they may be reached that day for verification.

Students should report to Mr. Rowley’s office and complete the Google Form. If the student does NOT sign in using the Google Form attendance will NOT be updated.

Please note that when you arrive late, you are missing instructional time and thus this can have an impact on your first period grade.

Late arrival consequences:
⇒  3 Tardies per marking period = 1 administrative detention
⇒ All tardies after that = administrative detentions
⇒ 6+ Tardies = 90 minute SAIL/ISS

Students need a handwritten note from parent/guardian. The note will be given to Mrs. Duffy or Mrs. Becker upon arrival. The Assistant Principal will sign the note. This signed note will serve as the student’s pass to leave at the designated time. The student will need to sign out on a Chromebook at the security desk. Students will not be permitted to leave unless they have a note from a parent/guardian.

  • Yes. The first 9 times a student is absent, a parent may excuse the absence regardless of the reason. If documentation is provided from an outside source for any of the student’s first 9 absences, the day is considered excused by the parent.

  • A student’s 10th and all future absences can be considered excused only with appropriate documentation (i.e. medical) provided within 30 days. If the absence cannot be excused, it is considered an unexcused absence.

  • A student is allowed only 9 unexcused absences in a school year. Credit denial occurs when a student reaches 10 or more unexcused absences. If a student is credit denied at Oliver Wolcott Tech, they lose their credits for the entire year and must repeat the grade even if they are passing their classes. To appeal this decision, a hearing must be requested.

Students are chronically absent if they miss 10% or more of the school year. If a student is absent 18 days in a year (less than 2 days per month), they would be considered chronically absent. With chronic absenteeism, all days a student is not in school are counted regardless of whether those days are excused, unexcused, or suspensions. Chronically absent students miss a lot of class time and must work harder to earn good grades.