The math department is committed to providing our students with opportunities to develop their skills as independent learners, collaborators and problem-solvers. These 21st Century Skills are what colleges and future employers will be looking for.

CTECS is phasing-in a Mastery-Based Learning Model which holds all students to high expectations while also respecting the needs of all learners. All math classrooms blend the use of technology and hands-on learning. We also utilize small group teacher led instruction and small group peer learning activities while at the same time cultivating the skills of an independent learner.

Students and parents need to plan their pathway carefully to meet their expectations that match post-graduate plans. The math program offers four years of study and is very flexible based on student achievement. Students must meet the three credit requirement for graduation. College-bound students should complete a minimum of four credits. Some students who are passionate about learning math will have opportunities to earn more than four credits of math during their four years. Pre-requisites are in place to prepare students for successful next steps.