SkillsUSA Brings home the Awards!!! 2021

April 23, 2021

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Congratulations to ALL the students for their participation in the virtual SkillsUSA competition on March 26th, 2021.

While this year’s competition included presentations that had to be done with industry judges “live” via Zoom, each competition still had a hands-on project component that needed to be completed before hand. 

Congratulations to all who attended and put their best forward representing themselves and OWTS at its highest level.

Out of 15 participants OWTS had:

·         5 students bring home medals in the top 6!

·         1 student brought home a 3rd place trophy!

·        3 students brought home 2nd place trophies!

·         5 students brought home 1st place trophies!

Going “Virtually” to Atlanta, GA to compete nationally and represent OWTS & Connecticut are:

·         Shawn Bournique, 1st place in Cabinetmaking!

·         Casey Gelormino, 1st place in Related Technical Math!

·         Zoe Orie, 1st place in Pin Design!!!!

·         Lillian Morrison, 1st place in Customer Service!

·         Lucas Chaponis, 1st place in Electronics Technology!

The following students are Trophy Winners placing within the top 3 in the state:

 ·        Zoe Orie, 2nd place in T-Shirt Design

·        Elijah Salamacha, 2nd place in Customer Service

 ·        Lexi Hawk, 3rd place in Customer Service

 ·        Hunter Jayson, 2nd place in Electronics Technology

The following students were finalists on stage (4th – 6th):

·         Aaliyah Chausse  – Customer Service

·         Keegan Robinson – Customer Service

·         Austin Gilpatric  – Carpentry

·        Amberly Palmer – Electronics Technology

 ·        Kyle Barnes  – Electronics Technology

 SkillsUSA is all about doing what the CTECS system was founded upon 100+ years ago: Hands-On Technical Trade Skills and Careers. SkillsUSA is hopeful that in person competitions will occur next year, and to continue to celebrate our purpose of why we exist, the students – trade skills – and careers!

SkillsUSA advisor: Royal Allard III

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