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December 2, 2021

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  • Good Day Everyone!Tis the season, as the SkillsUSA practice professional development test is now open until the end of the month. This is for all students who are interested in, or will be competing in their trade. This test is to practice the various professional development and SkillsUSA knowledge questions that will appear during the student’s trade pre-qualifying exams in January. This is a MUST to practice non-trade related questions contained in their qualifying tests in January.  Not only are the January test scores used as part of their competition on March 25th, but they are used to qualify the top students in the state to automatically be part of the competitions March.
  • Please note: While we cannot predict to what extent we will be able to have in-person competitions in March, we know that the National Competitions will be held in person at Atlanta, GA as of now.The link to the test is on the CT SkillsUSA website and it is under the members section , practice professional development test.
  • (Also see hyperlink here:  SkillsUSA Practice Professional Development Test​ )The password is skillsusa all in lowercase.
  • At the end of the practice test, students should scroll down and see the complete list of questions with answers they received correct, incorrect, and what the correct answer should be so that they may learn from their mistakes.Pre-qualifying exams will be the entire month of January, results will be in the beginning of February. For planning purposes, Regionals are Feb. 2nd, for any student interested in running for state office or for any job skill demonstration event, or for T-shirt design or Pin Design, must attend the Regional event!If there are any questions, please see Mr. Allard and I appreciate all that you do to continue supporting the students and SkillsUSA.
  • Best Regards,
  • Royal Allard IVElectronics Department
  • Head SkillsUSA Advisor
  • Assistant Baseball Coach
  • Class of 2024 AdvisorOliver Wolcott CTECS
  • 860-496-5337
  • Please be advised my email address has changed: . Please update your records. Have a great day!

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